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Teaching through projects? An all-time method! It is not a novelty in the process of teaching. It is learning by doing. This is something the teachers have always been trying to instill into students. Teachers always ask students to secure information for the projects and to test ideas. They put knowledge to work, which is useful training. As a result, they will be equipped with practical skills when dealing with everyday situations. Teaching through projects is a guarantee for the practical future of a student. It is very productive and as a result never out of date!

First, find something to say. Then find something to say it with.

Arnold Newman

Teaching through project work method.Definition.

A project method is an approach where the teacher provides facility to the student Through projects, students acquire skills, knowledge in an extended time. They can solve concrete problems and also face challenges. By being well lead students to follow the well-established requests and parameters the teacher sets beforehand. Students are the center of the learning process through projects. They are active learners engaged in complex question solution. Today with the development of technology, this method of learning should be blended with it. It is a reflective thought. Thus, according to Schults(1999) ”Project Method of teaching increases students thinking and problem-solving abilities”.

Effective outcomes by teaching through projects.

Teaching through projects is a rewarding method for both teachers and students. Teachers include students work together. Consequently, they gain not only knowledge but also practical skills for life. Here is a list of what the students learn:

Critical thinking -by looking at the problems that arise in front of them, students come with questions. As a result, they search for solutions and find them. collaboration through project work

Collaboration-By working in groups students learn to accept opinions. They respect rules and are open to criticism, This way, they build relationships and learn how to collaborate.

Creativity– Students work on a project and try to answer a problem. Because of this, the students try to find interesting ways to present a solution. The students create interesting presentations. The reason is to attract attention and to offer practicality to others.

Self-confidence-being in the center of the work, the student feels valued. He believes that the teacher trusts him in the mission. This student is the person to give a solution. Thus, he finds his voice and takes pride in it.

A general insight.

We can say that students reach a deep understanding of the subject. The students in these student-centered methods, deepen their learning. The results of such works are impressive. Students in these classes reach higher scores. Students have an active role in the transmission of the information they generate. They push themselves to constantly make choices. They are eager to make things, to use tools, to experiment with the materials, to create models, charts, and displays, and use the art of speaking. Again, teachers and students should involve technology. Nowadays it is a great help, whether the student works alone or in a group.

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Picture of Ardita


Mrs. Ardita Bazelli graduated with a degree in English from the Fan Noli University in Korce, in 2004. She is currently teaching English at Preca International College. Mrs. Bazelli has been a consistent partner and co-founder in national and international eTwinning projects in Albanian and European schools for improving technological access to education. In 2019, she guided her students aged 12-15 to win nationally recognized projects. For the last ten years, she has been teaching at the LSIA Korce branch, where she is currently helping young students learn English.