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LSIA Korean Class aims to understand Korean culture and to be able to speak Korean fluently. The learning effect is maximized through Sejong Korean created by King Sejong Institute, the official institution of Korean language education.

Sejong Korean is a textbook that allows you to develop your Korean speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. It consists of about twelve units, and the subject of the unit is related to daily life such as making a phone call, asking how to say hello, and finding directions. In addition, each three units has a cultural unit so that you can understand Korean society and culture correctly.

Sejong Korean consists of a total of 8 books, 1-4 books for beginners and 5-8 books for intermediate learners. You can study 20 grammar points per book and about 270 words.

Sejong Korean provides free online learning programs and e-books. You can also download the listening file for free.

Each stage is a 12-week course, twice an hour per week.
Prices $120 per level

During the summer vacation, an intensive Korean culture course, an intensive Korean conversation course, Business Korean, and travel Korean classes are offered.

The duration of this course may vary depending on the level of the students.

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Prices $120 per level

Korean Teachers

Hye Jung Park (Bona)

Hye Jung Park (Bona)

Hye Jung Park (Bona), studied Chinese Language and Literature in Shanghai, China. Graduating from East China Normal University in July 2006, she became a certified Korean language teacher. Mrs. Park has been teaching Korean to foreigners living in China and Thailand using effective teaching methods and techniques. She is one of the latest, seasoned instructors joining the LSIA family, expanding our lingual offerings to native Albanians and foreigners living in the country.