French Language Courses

LISA Leraning Online

LISA LEARNING offers French courses for beginners who want to have a solid foundation in the French language. This program is suitable for all ages: children- pre-teens/teens/adults. It offers a variety of comprehension activities and oral and written production. With the «Hachette» method you will learn and deepen your lexical and grammatical knowledge, as well as the multiple intelligences adapted in this book.

Online Courses

French courses 2 times a week

If you are interested in French and you want to learn at home, we offer a program that will lead you to the acquisition of the French language on oral, written skills, as well as vocabulary. It is an interactive and enriching course to achieve your language objectives. We are here to help you get the basics, as well as to help you progress and improve your French

French courses 3 times a week

This program allows you to learn the French language intensively. The goal is to get you to achieve your goals. During this training you will learn all skills according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We meet your linguistic and grammatical needs to help you learn and improve your level.

Business French - 2 times a week

This training is aimed at all individuals who are interested in learning business French (interns, diplomats, etc.) or “French buisines”. It is a method dedicated to a French with a specific objective “Français de l’entreprise” that allows you to accomplish your professional tasks. An interesting, rewarding and effective method in your field.

DELF/DALF Preparation - 3 times a week

If you are a student and you have to pass an exam according to European standards, to be able to access in French universities, we offer you a program dedicated to this exam. This intensive and interactive training is intended to train you with exercises according to the 4 skills required in the DALF/DELF exam. (oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral production and written expression).

Who will be teaching?

Erjola Norja LISA-Learning - LSIAAL

Erjola Norja

French Teacher
Erjola Norja, studied French language and literature at University of Tirana, Albania. She is currently finishing Master 2 at Free University of Brussels in Didactics and Pedagogy FLE (French as foreign language). She has been teaching French in distance at Superprof platform. She is part of Lisa Learning and is passionate to share with you the lasts methods of acquisition of French language.