Frequently Asked Questions

For over a quarter-century, we’ve been a learning hub for thousands of students, teachers, and partners throughout the world. We have a dedicated group of seasoned and passionate teachers who provide hands-on instructions to help you master your subject of interest.

Our online courses are an effective way to learn from the convenience of your home. We used video content to guide students through the course syllabus and required milestones. We provide you with a unique learning path for each subject or topic tailored by one of our academics. For those interested in traditional learning formats, we offer our standard online curriculum, which has helped thousands of students master a variety of subjects.

Usually, all materials are provided by the course, through our website. These materials can include video content, PDFs, documents, and practice examples and exercises. The student is typically required to have access to a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection as the courses are accessed online using our Zoom-based platform. 

It isn’t necessary to know what level you are, but we do provide you with an easy multiple-choice placement test to help you determine the ideal course level.

The cost of our online classes varies based on the course’s level and subject. We strive to maintain competitive, high-value prices. You will be required to pay upfront before being able to begin your course. We believe dropping out is not an option and will provide all the necessary help and attention to get you back on track.
Your teacher may be any one of our university professors, high school teachers, or individuals with TEFL/TESOL certificates to subject matter experts. The nature of online courses and their availability makes it so that anyone with enough knowledge and teaching ability can become an online course instructor.
Yes, we will issue our certifications upon the completion of each course. We will also direct you to other certificates such as TEFL, TOEFL, FCE, or other internationally recognized certificates, which will help you pursue university studies or transition into your desired career.

Yes, you can. All materials we upload on our website are only for educational purposes and authorized by the content provider. We only give you the best and care about your education. Once you buy content, it’s all yours to use whenever you like.

Our ultimate goal is to connect students with their peers from all over the world through our international outreach program. We want our students to build new relationships and explore new cultures through language and skill learning.

This is the place to serve your mission and make a career. Join our international team of teachers from all around the world and make a difference. We believe that by teaching a new language or skill, you are making a huge impact.

If you play an instrument, build things, teach math, or a foreign language, we want to share it. We are always looking to have talented artists or subject matter experts teach students and life-long learners. Use the form found on the Promote Your Skills page to upload a sample of your course content so we can review it and get back to you.

This is another very important part of our business and we do this with our outstaying global partner BridgeTefl in USA, who are leaders in this industry. We offer joint academic program and provide English teachers at large with a worldwide recognized TESOL&TEFL certificate for lifetime.

Yes, it is all fully accredited courses include comprehensive content, personal tutor, videos, and other interactive features. BridgeTEFL students graduate with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to effectively teach English and advance their professional careers.

Please do sign up first  at https://lsiaal.org/teacher-training/ and follow the link to choose your best option. Your job would be almost guaranteed once you have our teacher training and the market for English teachers in China but not only is in a growing demand for our services.  Please contact us info@lsiaal.org if you have any questions.