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How should we assess students? Interesting ideas!

How should we assess students? Assessments are strategies containing instructions that are used to collect evidence. They show what a student has achieved the outcomes of a lesson, module, or even a course. This gives the possibility to a teacher to measure whether the mastering of this new knowledge, material, information has happened or not based on the pointing score the teacher has set. Ideas on students’ assessment tasks vary in forms. Some of the most common ones which are helpful for a teacher include tests, exams, and even essays. However, we can engage other practical ideas in student assessment. These will help students on the other side, to be efficient and have a purpose.

A problem well-stated is a problem half solved.

John Dewey

Here we come with a list of ideas on how to assess students. You can refer to them or modify them according to your students’ level.

How should we assess students?

Offer a challenging assignment.

Solving problems interestingly is what attracts students. So, what we should include is –

Involve students in assignments by asking them to….

a)Be an author-Ask student to write a three-paragraph description(a person in the family, the hometown, a holiday to remember)This helps students use the vocabulary learned, develop the writing skills, organize ideas, etc.

b)Be a reporter– Cover events in their home town, history of their country, important characters, etc(students write a story following the steps it requires)They learn to use the materials from different resources, think critically and creatively.

c)Be part of group work- organize students in groups to work on a specific task (for example discussion of a point that appeared during the lesson). This helps them to learn how to be cooperative, solve problems, involve, and develop understanding through interaction.

d)Be a presenter-Choose a topic to assign to your students and ask them to present it to the class. This way the students learn how to sound convincing. organize ideas, learn how to develop confidence, and also get feedback.

Prepare students to ask.

how to assess students
Raise questions ….

You can also prepare students to ask interesting questions and have the possibility to assess even the way they address questions. Some appropriate questions would be…

-Wat does ………….. mean?

-Why did ………….happen?

-What happens when we …………?

-If ………..happens,why …………?

Students love solving problems

Students love solving problems and if you offer them challenging ones ,they will work willingly and you will have a way to measure their achievements.

For example, ask students to choose their favorite story and underline all the active verbs.

Ask them to prepare a quiz with the new words.

Ask students to present a reading part in two minutes.


There are several ideas we can hire to assess students’ achievement, where their work is involved. Despite their form, assessments should present the learning goals of a lesson, unit, or course. You, as teachers, should know how to involve the relationship between the goals and the assessment task. The moment they are clearly set and connected, your assessment is a success.

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Picture of Ardita


Mrs. Ardita Bazelli graduated with a degree in English from the Fan Noli University in Korce, in 2004. She is currently teaching English at Preca International College. Mrs. Bazelli has been a consistent partner and co-founder in national and international eTwinning projects in Albanian and European schools for improving technological access to education. In 2019, she guided her students aged 12-15 to win nationally recognized projects. For the last ten years, she has been teaching at the LSIA Korce branch, where she is currently helping young students learn English.