A delicious -recipe lesson plan served for Christmas
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A wonderful recipe lesson plan served for Christmas time

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Where else than in the classroom this atmosphere is better felt? Here, in Lisa’s learning, we are really experiencing this time.

Among all the lesson recipes, we have prepared throughout our teaching careers, we picked this one to prepare for your young learners to taste.

This time, we are presenting you with some of the possible activities to boost the class energy and enjoy these moments to the fullest.

What will you taste after blending all the ingredients together?

-Students will receive these ‘’presents’’

-A new set of vocabulary through games and songs

-Speaking skills around the topic of Christmas through questioning and answering techniques.

-Able to write a letter to Santa.

-Give directions when in town for Christmas.

The recipe is quite enjoyable, informative, and helpful for the class outcomes and it does not only provides students with language skills but also entertains them, builds their self-confidence and friendship among students.


-Photos of Christmas objects

-Realia related to Christmas

-Letter templates                                            

-Parcel box

-Christmas Carols



Preparation Method:

Firstly, stick the photos of Christmas related vocabulary on the board and present them to your students. They revise in chorus or one by one after you. Ask the students by showing randomly the photos.

The game aims to make students able to revise vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

Follow with a game-What is inside the parcel?

This game consists of putting some objects or picture inside a parcel. You pick one and the students guess what it is.

Now that the students have learned the vocabulary, they are ready to write a letter to Santa. This way they make use not only of the vocabulary but practice their writing skills as well as paying attention to the spelling and grammar structures.

They read the letters to the class sharing their wishes. They ask and answer questions.

This way they practice their speaking ability to ask by using various types of question forms and interacting with each other.

 The letters are ready, so they have to post their letters. Where?  

For this, we organize a game Going to the Post Office. Divide students into groups depending on the number of students in your class. A blindfolded student follows the instructions that one of the friends of his group gives to go from one part of the class to the place where we have put the post box.

The aim is not only to entertain students and see which group posts the most letters but to practice even prepositions of place, instructions such as: Walk straight, turn left, the box is on the desk, etc.

Sprinkle the lesson in a merry way by singing Christmas songs.

Blend all these ingredients in a class full of active and energetic students!

This way celebrate Christmas with your students and enjoy a fruitful and fulfilled outcome product you created.

You can join Lisa learning for more inclusive activities, videos from English Club TV, and professional developments from Bridge TEFL  that will help you become a teacher every student would love to celebrate with.

LISA Learning staff wishes you  Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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Picture of Ardita


Mrs. Ardita Bazelli graduated with a degree in English from the Fan Noli University in Korce, in 2004. She is currently teaching English at Preca International College. Mrs. Bazelli has been a consistent partner and co-founder in national and international eTwinning projects in Albanian and European schools for improving technological access to education. In 2019, she guided her students aged 12-15 to win nationally recognized projects. For the last ten years, she has been teaching at the LSIA Korce branch, where she is currently helping young students learn English.