Goethe certificate preparation courses


Language courses for children and adults from A1-B1

LISA LEARNING offers German courses for children, adults, and Doctors, with basic and advanced language skills (in small groups, as well as individual sessions) for the ones who want to study in Germany, acquire language skills for professional reasons or improve their pronunciation and enrich their vocabulary in everyday life. With our interactive and contemporary “Schritte International” teaching method, you will not only learn grammar and spelling but also speak fluently and error-free. In addition, you will expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.



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Goethe certificate preparation courses

Daf, Telc, DSH, ÖSD exams (Attendance: 3 times a week) Duration 3 months

Would you like to study in Germany or are you currently preparing for the entrance exam at a German university? This German course is the one for you. In this course we offer a detailed overview of the four exam modules: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.


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