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Abetare is the most loved book for any Albanian alive because it is used to teach the Albanian language when you are in primary school. This wonderful book is a beautifully illustrated with a variety of interesting subjects and so teaches your children how to write and read in Albanian. Through Abetare Albanians learn understand the world around them in their own beautiful language. We have kindly been given the copyright to use Abetare by Media Print publishing house and are proud to be able to teach Albanian children wherever they live in the world.

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Nesida Shehaj

Nesida Shehaj

Albanian Language Teacher
Nesida Shehaj, is a devoted Albanian Language teacher for LSIA. She has a substantial experience in teaching with different groups from preteens to senior high. She completed her Bachelor Studies in Albanian Language and Literature at Tirana University and proceeded with her Professional Master degree as a High School Teacher at the same university, also being selected as an excellent student. Nesida develops a great passion in teaching Albanian Language as she believes that teaching a language to the younger generation helps building a strong society. Her approach to teaching is putting the student at the center of the process and interacting by critical thinking. She has been teaching in several high schools in Tirana achieving high results with her students. Her motivation in teaching is to give the students not only academic knowledge but also cultural social one.
Aida Beqiri

Aida Beqiri

Albanian Language Teacher
Dr. Aida Beqiri, is a motivated teacher of Albanian Language for LSIA with extensive experience in teaching different age groups. She graduated as an Albanian language and literature teacher at the University of Tirana, in 2007 and later completed her Ph.D. at the University of Tirana in Albanian lexicology and semantics in 2018. She was a part-time lecturer at the University “Aleksander Moisiu” of Durres where she distinguished for her unique methodology, progressive approach and high results. Dr. Aida, has been teaching Albanian language since 2007 and currently is teaching at High School. Among her academic challenges Aida is an activist for social and gender equality and children rights for proper education. She has been a consistent partner and co-founder in national and international e-twinning projects in Albanian and European schools for improving technological access to education.
edmara zaimi

Edmara Zaimi

Edmara Zaimi is an Albanian Language teacher for Language Schools in Albania. She graduated from the Faculty of Education at Aleksandër Moisiu University in Durrës, Albania in 2018 among top students of her class. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature as well as Albanian and English Language and a Master’s degree of Science, Teaching Linguistics, Literature, Albanian and English. She has been teaching students across different age groups for several years in public and private schools and is very enthusiastic about helping students learn the Albanian language by giving them a chance to interact and practice what they learn. She is especially keen to teach kids through playing and having fun as they learn to express themselves confidently. Edmara is very motivated to drive student growth for lifelong success.
Valbona Troksi

Valbona Troksi

Valbona Troksi is a part time Albanian language teacher for LSIA. She graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology in Tirana, as an Albanian language and literature teacher in 2009. She has been teaching in different schools for 15 years and has gained a considerable experience with and admirable passion for teaching. Valbona has tautht different age groups and has organized many cultural and educational events in the school where she is currently working. She is an enthusiastic, hardworking and demanding teacher and gives priority to grow students’ lifelong skills and urges interaction in the classroom.